Macao has been designated as one of the newest UNESCO Creative Cities for its efforts in gastronomic innovation. With 180 cities represented within the network, the UNESCO choses cities for the UCCN based on their commitment in promoting creative industries and strengthening participation in overall cultural life. The cuisine of Macao illustrates the territory’s multi-cultural history and is a combination of ingredients and cooking techniques from countries along Portugal’s historic trade routes. It is now the third Gastronomic Creative City in China.

Macao Gastronomy

If you love food, you'll love Macao.

Did you know that Macao, China has one of the world's oldest fusion cuisines? With exotic flavors from China, Portugal, Mozambique and India, Macao is a must-taste destination. There are 16 Michelin-starred restaurants with savory delights such African chicken and dim sum and 12 new Michelin-rated street food items including Portuguese egg-tarts and Cantonese waffles!

Try your hand - and whisk - at three top Macanese dishes featured below. Click to download recipes.