Celebrate the uniqueness of Macao

with its rich Chinese culture and a vibrant Portuguese heritage.

Macao comes to life in its blending of East and West, a harmony developed over nearly 500 years. The classic architecture of Macao evokes European charm and Asian allure at every turn: Portuguese piazzas meet Buddhist temples, colorful villas cross with traditional Chinese gardens and cobblestone streets lead to bustling outdoor markets. Another legacy of Eastern and Western cultures melding together in Macao is its true fusion cuisine. Delicious Macanese dishes are not only a mix of Portuguese and Chinese influences, but also a combination of African, Indian, Malaysian and Brazilian flavors brought together by Portuguese explorations around the world. Savor Macanese taste at November’s annual Macao Food Festival, wandering from stall to stall to sample exotic epicurean delights from throughout the region.

The spirit of the Macao people is shown best in year-round colorful festivities. Celebrate the vibrant Chinese New Year with Lion Dancers and glowing lanterns illuminating the night sky. Seek out creative inspiration amidst performers and artists, both local and international, at the annual Arts Festival every summer. Or, unveil Macao’s ancient spiritual side at the Feast of Buddha or the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Macao’s cultural offerings are matched only by its convenient access. The diverse and dynamic experiences of Macao are easily reached from the United States via Macao’s international airport. Macao is also a 50-minute high-speed ferry ride from Hong Kong, or a quick 2-hour flight from Shanghai as well as a 2- to 3- hour flight from most major Asian destinations.

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